My name is Nikolay Andreev, I am twenty one years old and I live in Sofia - Bulgaria. By profession I am a web developer and I do it since I was a kid, but this is a lot more than a profession for me.

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These are my fields of interests which grow on project basis, currently I am performing at my best at.

Господар на маркера

Защото е важно да бъдеш подготвен, ако искаш да направиш нещо страхотно...

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Google Friendly

Because for me it's as important as it's for you that the site is easy to find...

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Content wizard

Because we live in 21st century, where clients doesn't need to know HTML...

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От .PSD до Google

Все още не мога да нарисувам права линия на ръка, но пък съм силно въоръжен...

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Говори с роботи

Защото те са наши приятели, ускоряват работата ни, и я правят в пъти по-лесна...

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Защото не можеш да спреш, когато видиш предимствата на адаптивния дизайн...

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Dynamic thinking

Because a website without animations and effects, is just an empty facade...

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UI Design

Because the user interface is one of the most important part of a website...

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UX Development

Because I love creating useful and delightful to interact with products...

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30 + Projects
7 + Years of experience
2 + Prof. experience
6000 + Coffee cups
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The last 3 things that might or might not be interesting to you, but I am going tell you anyways.

24 January

CMS срещу Статичен Уебсайт

Защо това е важно? Едно от най-важните решения, които трябва да вземете преди да поискате сайт е дали да избер..

Nikolai Andreev Nikolai Andreev

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