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It will be a short story, because nobody like the long ones.

Nikolay Andreev

Nikolay Andreev

Web developer

I've always been curious about web development, I started learning when I was 13 years old, and it rapidly turned into a passion for me.
Today after 7 years I work really well with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, MySQL, different CMS and E-commerce systems and Adobe Photoshop.

The years have showed me, that I can be extremely adaptable and flexible when it comes to web development.


This is how I step up to every project, regardless the size this 6 steps are extremely important for me, this is how I know I am doing it right.

I believe that my projects are the way I will represent myself in the future, so I try to avoid my client's competitors mistakes and make a quality product.

  • I gather information I introduce myself to the business of my clients, and also their competitors.
  • Make a plan I choose the technologies and the solutions I am going to use.
  • Choose a template Choose the best appearance for the website, and we develop the branding.
  • Develop it Final goal is style and performance, according to all client's requirements.
  • Test it Is it displaying good on every browser and device, let's check it out.
  • SEO & Maintaince I introduce it to the search engines, and maintain a good product quality.
I love numbers

My Skills

These numbers represent my realistic self-esteem and confidence.

PHP Frameworks
The "Snake Game"
You deserved happiness

Happy Clients

If you have a minute and want me to make you famous, don't hesitate to drop me a quote here.

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I am not that boring

My interests

You probably don't care about them, but I will share with you anyways.


Trying not to drown


Starring at books and posts

Loud & Heavy

Nodding my head




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Especially dogs

Let's create something awesome together!

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