Battle of titans

About Battle of Titans

Battle of Titans is a game made up by the social network for extreme people DizzyRiders, and as the website of DizzyRiders, this one is also designed by Studio X and developed by We Work With You.

In the battle there are two super cars that stand next to each other every week and users are rating them in three main criterias, and everyone who votes participates in a weekly raffle with rewards provided by Alpecin.

Battle of titans
Battle of titans

Abou the project

The project is executed entirely by me, as a freelance order from my previous employer at We Work With You, as the execution took 1 week. It's built on WordPress and we've used HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP.

The website is adaptive to any device and resolution, and the forms are collecting all the data so the raffle can be picked up in the end of the week. The results are calculated in real time, depending on the votes.

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