Royal Sofia Club

About Royal Sofia Club

ROYAL SOFIA CLUB - NPC and the open summer BAR PILOTS await lovers of quality music and club entertainment in the heart of the capital!

With over 300 seats, perfect ventilation, sound and lighting, exquisite luxury and furniture-style "Chesterfield" at the end of the day ROYAL SOFIA CLUB - NPC become the preferred place to meet friends or just guaranteed fun with unique specialties, drinks and course, program...

Royal Sofia Club
Royal Sofia Club

About the project

The project is executed entirely by me as a developer of We Work With You, it's adaptive to all the devices and resolutions, it's built on WordPress, for the goal we have used HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP and API integrations with Google's products.

The website maintain a good speed and simple interface, which makes the process of getting familiar with the place, finding the bar and making a reservation a lot more easier, also you can quickly view all the events or only the featured.

There is also an online shop for tickets integrated using the WooCommerce plugin and additional styling to match the design which isn't visible for now.

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