Delight and Joy

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Delight & Joy Дистрибуция ЕООД, е наскоро основана компания за дистрибуция на едро на висококачествено здравословни храни и напитки.

Официален дистрибутор на марки като Dabov Specialty Coffee, DelmarTe Tea, Belfibra, 1 Meter Chocolate и др.. Техните продукти са селектирани с грижа и любов и гарантират първокласно качество.

Delight and Joy
Delight and Joy

About the project

The project is executed entirely by me as a developer at We Work With You, it's a really simple type "Brochure" website, which doesn't perform the functions of an online store, it is just a product catalogue, it's built on WordPress and we've used HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

We didn't had a deal for responsive design, because it wasn't planned for the site to be viewed on mobile devices, but we've builded simple responsive design for just for case. The website is in English and it's dedicated for Bulgarian and international market.

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