Rafting & Kayak Tours

About Rafting and Kayak Tours

Rafting and Kayak Tours are part of X Club Bulgaria and they offer unforgivable experience for the enthusiasts of strong emotions, they are one of the best organizers of Team Building in the country, I speak of my personal experience here.

With them you will will descend on rivers, you will climb mountains, will journey across lakes and dams, you will journey around islands, you will fly like the birds, and you will also take a rest under wide shade on the beach.

Rafting & Kayak Tours
Rafting & Kayak Tours

About the project

The project is executed entirely by me, as a developer for We Work With You, we had the idea to create something similar to the activities of Rafting and Kayak Tours, we wanted it to look extreme and I challenged my skills, the website is built on WordPress, we've used HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, it's fully adaptive to any given device and resolution.

There are a lot of unordinary elements and effects, in the whole website the images are bringed to live in front of your eyes, they move and change in the same time. The website has a lot of custom functionalities, for example the list of activities, the three different divisions of the events, integration with Google Calendar on the website, payments via ePay.bg and more..

This is an extremely ambitious and fun project, exactly like the team of Rafting and Kayak-Tours!

Why did I mentioned personal experience?


I had the honor to be a client of Rafting BG, before our ways cross again, our supervisor in We Work With You organized a team building for us with a downhill on the 12 km track of Struma river.

For me that was something brand new, as an experience I rate it 10 out of 10, really good professionals, they take care of your safety and ensure you extreme and unforgivable experience.

I would recommend it to all fans of the extreme activities, it's really refreshing.

Let's create something awesome together!

Do you have a good plan

If you think you have a good idea that I can help bringing to life, then don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

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