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Content wizard

Why it has to be dynamic?

While I can agree, that in a website with 3 to 4 pages it isn’t needed, if the client have fine knowledge of HTML, but for more complex websites, and for clients who want to edit and customize their website as they wish, do it right, do it dynamic.

What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites contain web pages, which are generated in real time. This pages contain web script like PHP or ASP.
When a dynamic page is accessed, the code in the page is executing on the server side, and the resulting HTML is returned to the client’s browser. They are database driven, and they are easier to edit and maintain than static pages, it is mandatory technology for websites with dozens and hundreds of pages.

What are the advantages?

I love working with Open Source technologies, because usually many programmers are part of a community, which is interested in the software and help for it’s improvement, they are always up to date with the latest trends and the work with them is really easier and faster, than inventing the bycicle again.

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