Dynamic thinking

Dynamic thinking

Why is that usefull?

For me a website without animations, effects and other user interactions is pretty boring, and I avoid doing such websites, there isn’t any better view than a website pages assembling in front of your eyes, and every effect is following a strict row and direction in order to meet the other, you might thing I exaggerate about it but if you take a web page and remove all of her animations and effects like the mouse overs over elements, and then compare the two pages you will see a significant difference.

How is it done?

I personally love to use the technology of jQuery, this is a simplified JavaScript library, which contain almost the same functionalities as JavaScript, with the difference that their names are more user-friendly and with a better syntax, but for some things I still use pure JavaScript.

With the technology of JavaScript we can manipulate the DOM or “Document Object Model” of the page, after it is loaded, which allows us to hide,show or edit the elements on click, mouse over or other event performed by a user. It is extremely usefull and it’s a really important part of today’s internet.

But why?

It’s all about the UX of the website or with other words “User Experience”, this approach to programming (the dynamic one), allow us to do more memorable websites, to wake reactions in our users and break one barrier which has been there for a lot of years in programming.

Fun fact

  • There barely are pages in the whole internet (that’s a really huge number), which doesn’t use at least 1 row of JavaScript.
  • The programming language JavaScript is created for only 10 days in May 1995 from Brendan Eich, by that time he was working for NetScape, and nowadays works for Mozilla.
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