Google Friendly

Google Friendly

You must be thinking how am I doing it?

The SEO optimization is turning into an easier process for me, on a project basis.
I rely on speed, mobile performance, code quality and right code structure. In theory it doesn’t sound hard at all, but SEO optimization is a process that is improving and develops everyday, and you have to keep up with it in order for it to keep being easy, like everything else in programming.

Why is it so important?

Because most of the people use search engines in order to reach to certain resources, and really small part of them would do a research of the sources so they can further do a comparison, that’s why it is important for your website to be in the top results of search engines, for certain keywords, those keywords should represent you business and what you sell or provide, for example in my website they are “Web design, Front-End Developer, WordPress Developer and others..”, because that’s what I want people to associate it with.

Is there a need for advertisement?

The answer is Yes, there isn’t a way around it if you want to step up in the crowd of your competitors, I always recommend it to my clients, and I will keep doing it, because if you want to gain revenue from internet in 1 month, that most likely won’t happend, but internet is really favorable to the patient ones.

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