UI Design

UI Design

What is UI design?

We call the process of developing an interface using CSS3 and as little images as possible, which is nice for the eye and comfortable for our client UI design, there are a lot of standarts around UI design, which constantly change and you have to be up to date with them, as an example I can give you the sliders, which suddently popped up at the beginning of most of the websites, by that time it was considered to be a better way of serving important blocks of information for the client, nowadays I avoid doing such sliders for multiple reasons, it turned out that most of the clients doesn’t like them as much as we tought back then and more likely they are irritating them, because of the misuse of the sliders by a lot of designers and web masters, along the years, they doesn’t contain important and usefull info and links anymore, instead they content pieces of text blocks which doesn’t help the client with anything.
I gave you this example in order to demonstrate, how easy something can become a trend and that it’s even easier for it to stop being one, and if you are not up to date with the change of those trends, it starts to reflect on the quality of the product.
Дадох ви този пример за да демонстрирам, колко лесно нещо се превръща в тенденция и колко по-лесно спира да бъде такава, ако не си в крак с промяната на тези тенденции това започва да се отразява на качеството на продукта.

How important it is?

I would say that it’s extremely important to have a good UI design, in order to assure User-friendly interface, or with other words, an interface in which the client can navigate easily in order to reach different “pieces” of information on your website, and in the same time he is left with a nice look and feel for the website, and your attempts to “navigate” him does not irritate him.

How I do it?

I love doing simple, lightweight and stylish websites, I think that in your attempt to do something beautiful you can easily overdo it and instead of beautiful it would turn out to be irritating for the user, I never underestimate the power of simplicity, I’m always open to criticism and I accept it professionaly, I even respect the critics and I view her as the best teacher and not on last place I always keep learning, because design isn’t something you can learn as the standarts are constatly changing, and instead of living in the illusion that I know everything that can be learnt I prefer to inform myself and always check for changes.

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